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Californication - Introduction

The scent of the fresh sea salt grazes my nose through the breeze that has crept through the open window. The rays of the sunrise are slowly coming through the shades caressing my eyelids as I awaken to the cream colored linen sheets wrapped around my bare flesh; another Californian morning that I have been blessed to see. Never would I have begun to imagine as a child that my fantasy of “Californication” withstanding the vanity that comes with it would become a reality. Rather, embracing the simplicity of all that the coast line offers. The innocence of the constellations aligned amongst the night sky surrounding the bonfire with good company; the bliss of our ignorance while our minds roam freely dancing with the spirits around us in perfect harmony; there’s nothing like this feeling I’ve come to accept, I’ve come to embrace; I’ve come to fall in love with: ecstasy in its rarest form. Oddly enough, the journey to reach the plateau as such, may not be favorable to some, but to me, I crave the adventure that is out there. I desire a new way of life, which in turn fuels the passion inside of me to chase this landscape from my own eyes. As of now, the first stepping stone I feel would lead me in the right direction toward achieving my lifetime goals, would simply be experiencing a sense of death to an old way of life, and being reborn on a first person view of this landscape.